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Beauty and Art in the Desert: a Vacation You’ll Never Forget

Looking for an adventure unlike any other? Are you tired of the overdone and overcrowded tourist attractions? Are you someone who loves pushing limits and challenging yourself? If so, consider…

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An Alternative Way to Cook with Apples

Who doesn’t love a nice crisp apple? This power food is not only healthy, filling, and delicious, it is also the perfect ingredient to use in a number of fantastic…

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The Medical Benefits of Apples

Ranked first in the Medical News Today’s top ten healthy foods, it is a well known fact that apples are good for you; sayings like “an apple a day keeps…

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Farm in Tipperary One of Few Apple Orchards in Ireland

Five million apples per year- that’s how many apples Con Traas’s 60 acre farm, located at Moorestown near Cahir in South Tipperary, produces. The farm has over 40,000 trees that…

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Easy Ways to Incorporate Apples into Your Daily Diet

In a busy world full of fast food and quick snacks, it may be hard to find the time to cook healthy meals for yourself. Incorporating 400 grams of fruit…

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Drinking Orange: A Tour of Ireland’s Best Cocktails

Although some might think that drinking in Ireland is explicitly limited to beer and pubs, that’s far from the truth. More and more bars are embracing the creativity that comes…

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Try Cooking With Roses to Add New Flavours to Your Dishes

Love gardening and delicious food? Consider using roses in your cooking to spice up your classic dishes. Though growing roses can be difficult to grow in Ireland because of the…

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Simple, Summer Baked Orange Ricotta Recipe

Whether it’s Sunday brunch, an accompaniment to your afternoon cup of tea, or the starter for an evening meal, this recipe, originally from Taste, allows you to enjoy all the…

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A Day in the Roman Fixture of Orange, France

Known for its Roman architecture and Roman theatre, this commune can be found in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France. A trip here will have you immersed in the…

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Ireland to Host New Festival to Celebrate the Country as Halloween’s Birthplace

The Púca festival will be launched this year in Ireland’s Ancient East, with specific focus in counties Meath and Louth, and will take place from October 31 through November 2nd….

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Cooking With Figs: Fresh and Easy Meals for this Friday

With Ireland’s fig season spanning May through August, these fresh, sweet fruits are the perfect accompaniment to any summer meal. Pick up some figs from the market and participate in your…

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Apple Farm in Tipperary is Both a Working Orchard and Vacation Spot

Looking for something a bit different, less touristy, but no less beautiful in your travels around Ireland? The Apple Farm of Tipperary, located in County Tipperary in the south of…

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Need More Vitamins and Minerals in Your Diet? Start With Oranges

As the days get longer and the temperatures get (hopefully) warmer, cooking with bright and seasonal produce helps bring the season to life. Oranges, though not indigenous to Ireland, are…

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An Garda Síochána to Take Part in European Focus Day to Help Prevent Domestic Burglary

Yesterday was the first day of European Focus Day, a movement made up of European Crime Prevention Network (ECUPN) members, to help stop domestic burglary by informing citizens on what…

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Garda Public Attitudes Survey Shows High Levels of Faith in An Garda Síochána

The Garda Press Office recently released the results of its Public Attitudes Survey for Q1 2019, which tracks the public perceptions of crime, Gardaí service, and safety throughout Ireland. The…

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E-Scooters and Their Contested Future in Dublin

If you step out onto Dublin’s streets at any point of the day, you will likely see packs of bikers passing by as they travel to work, school, the shops,…

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GSRMA Conference 2019 begins today in Athlone

The Annual Delegate conference for the Garda Retired Members Association begins later today in the Sheraton Hotel Athlone. Conference was opened by President Matt Givens. Assistant Commissioner Fintan Fanning represented…

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Detective Superintendent Seamus Boland
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Two Gardaí receive awards from Spain’s Guardia Civil

Two members of An Garda Síochána were awarded the ‘Merit Order Cross of the Guardia Civil’ in Mallorca, Spain for their work concerning organised crime. Among the honoured were  Detective…

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