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3D Printed parts used in reconstructive surgery in Wales

A welsh man who suffered from significant facial injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident has undergone a landmark surgery procedure to reconstruct his face using 3D printed parts. Stephen Power from Cardiff is one of the first trauma patients on the planet to undergo this type of procedure where 3D printing has been used.

Following a near fatal accident in 2012 Mr. Power suffered from a broken jaw and nose and both cheek bones were broken and he also fractured his skull. By using the 3D printed parts, the surgeons eliminated much of the guesswork involved in the facial reconstruction.

The surgical team at Morriston Hospital in Swansea used CT scans to create and print a symmetrical 3D model of his skull, followed by cutting guides and plates printed to match. Mr Power said the results were life changing.

Speaking after his surgery he said “I could see the difference straight away the day I woke up. I’m hoping I won’t have to disguise myself. I won’t have to hide away. I’ll be able to do day-to-day things, go and see people, walk in the street, even go to any public areas.”


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