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How To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

It’s a problem as old as time itself. You’ve organised a gathering of friends to come over for dinner and drinks. The food is ready; there is plenty of fine wine to be consumed by your guests. Everyone arrives and is having a good time. You offer your guests a glass of the fine wine you have bought for this special occasion. You make your way into the kitchen and open the drawer and inexplicably, the corkscrew is nowhere to be found among all of the clutter.

You have promised your guests a fine dinning experience which is nothing without a nice glass of wine. There is no time to nip to the shops to purchase a new corkscrew so what can you do? Here’s a few inventive and creative ways to get you out of this sticky situation. These methods are unorthodox and not particularly safe, but if you’re stuck and they will get that bottle of wine to open.

With a shoe

You’ll need to find a hard surface (preferably an outside wall) to try this. Try not to make a mess.

With your house keys

It’s unorthodox, and you might damage your house keys.

With a power drill

If you can get away with making this much noise without your guests hearing you, this will do the trick.


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