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Adapting and Transforming Business Models & Operations

KPMG and Google have partnered to offer cost effective tools that allow Irish businesses to improve customer experience and comply with GDPR through transformative business and operating models.

This new alliance aims to transform businesses using Google technology such as natural language, data analytics, and Google’s cloud platform, combined with the expertise and knowledge KPMG possess on business and industry processes.

According to KPMG partner Paul Toner, the transformation will take the form of three key areas – growth, reducing risk, and reducing cost. Business and operating models will be transformed with secure cloud computing, machine learning, enterprise mobility and advanced analytics technologies, with the future hope that strategies can be applied to any sector. Currently the focus is on financial services, healthcare, the public service, and aviation leasing.

Mr. Toner explains how solutions developed through this partnership are significant to each of the sectors mentioned above: ‘The need to transform the healthcare system is well recognised and technology will play a key role there. In financial services there is pressure to deliver improved customer experience and 24/7 services while still holding market position. And in the public sector there is need to deliver more services to more people within existing resources. Digital technology will play a key role in meeting all of those challenges.’

KPMG already have two in-use solutions: KPMG Intelligent Interactions and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Assessment and Compliance solution. The Intelligent Interactions solution is an example of the collaboration between the elite auditor and global techgiant Google. The AI platform uses Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and Translate APIs to understand and predict ‘customer sentiment and intent’. In turn, automated technologies can respond and augment interactions with customers.

This introduction of virtual assistants, prioritisation of data management and security, and the demand for reduced cost is integral to developing businesses today. The KPMG/Google alliance services these demands and provides a strong offering to clients.

An abridged version of article featured on KPMG


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