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Annual GSRMA seminar

The annual GSRMA event held recently at the Sligo Park Hotel in County Sligo was well turned out by the GSRMA members and the focus of the event was surrounding the efforts made by the association over the past twelve months in re- focusing the organisation and how to better manage the resources currently available to it. There was also seminars given foucusing on the issues that are currently facing the retired members at this present.

 Speaking at the event was Dr. Maureen Gaffney, an expert on emotional intelligence, change management, ‘gender at work’ and work/life balance. Dr. Gaffney is a clinical psychologist who has worked for many companies throughout the world helping them in the areas of leadership, transition, emotional intelligence and managing diversity.

The title of Dr. Gaffney’s presentation was “Turning the Tide on Austerity and Taking Action” where she spoke at length about the issues facing retired members  and used her knowledge and experience in such matters to offer the members a stimulating and interesting presentation. The overall theme of the annual seminar was to highlight and articulate the recent concerns of members of the GSRMA surrounding two key issues.

The first of these issues involved the genuine concerns of members surrounding the threat to their financial security in the long term as a result of the Government’s austerity programme. The second concern surrounded the adverse effect of the Government’s austerity measures on the health and welfare of its members.





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