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Beauty and Art in the Desert: a Vacation You’ll Never Forget

Looking for an adventure unlike any other? Are you tired of the overdone and overcrowded tourist attractions? Are you someone who loves pushing limits and challenging yourself? If so, consider taking a trip to see some of the world’s oldest rock art in the beautiful and thrilling Sahara desert. Only a few hundred outsiders visit the Sahara every year making it a fantastic way to see and experience things different from typical beach trips. True adventures and history buffs alike, this is the trip for you!

The art, which can be found in a number of locations throughout Africa, dates back 30,000 years in Namibia and 10,000 in Chad. It depicts scenes from the ancient times like rituals, warriors, and animals that all give more insight into the way people at the time lived; you can get a real sense of nomadic life based on the multitude of different artworks. Some of the work is painted with pigments while others are engraved into stone; regardless of the medium, the results are stunning and one of a kind.

The journey to see these magnificent displays is a difficult one and definitely not for the faint of heart. Anyone who is considering going must go with a tour group; it is not a journey someone should make alone without awareness of the terrain. With active landmines left over from Muammar Gaddafi’s invasion in the 1970’s and ‘80s, no clear pathways, and sandstorms, this is a trip best done with experienced guides. The Spazi d’Avventura company is a group that leads excursions into the desert; they have been exploring the Sahara for over 25 years. Responsible Travel also has a list of tours to Chad to investigate and pick the best possible option for you. Undiscovered Destinations  has a number of tours, in particular one that goes to the Tibesti mountains in Chad. Finally, tourradar is an option that has plenty of guided tours listed on their website; there are many options out there to ensure the best possible trip.  

For those who wish to have an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives and come away with a deeper understanding of nomadic cultures in the Sahara, visiting some of the oldest rock art in the world is the perfect trip for you.

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