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“Cooking with your mouth” Video Goes Viral

You read that correctly. A recent video that portrays a woman preparing a Christmas Turkey Stuffing recipe with her mouth has hit the internet by storm.

Certain media publications have even went as far as reporting this as a “new food trend”. Despite its controversy, Nathan Ceddia, an Australian filmmaker who directed the content, insists “Cooking with your mouth” is authentic.

The video opens with host “Riva Godfrey” (real name Iska Lupton) announcing to viewers she will show us how to make her Christmas Turkey Stuffing recipe by only using her mouth.

Ms Lupton then proceeds to chew ingredients, initially an onion followed by a carrot, and spits them into a bowl.

An edited version of this video currently has 1.47 million views:

Here is the original:

The Garda Post catches up with Nathan Ceddia to bring you the full story.

Q “Cooking with your mouth” is real and not satire correct?

“Yes, safety is no joke, Cooking in your mouth is a new type of cooking technique that replaces these dangerous modern-day utensils with the safety of your own mouth.”

Q Can you tell our readers the background to the video?

“I came up with the idea a few years ago whilst cooking dinner at a friends house. My mate is notoriously clumsy in the kitchen, he’s an accident waiting to happen. Then it dawned on me, what if I were to take away all his utensils, what would he use instead? I asked myself the question, what’s something sharp and easily accessible to everyone? The answer was of course teeth.”

Q What do you make of all the coverage this is getting in the media? Did you anticipate it would go viral?

“I’m not surprised that people have shown interest, it’s an interesting new take on a boring and complacent topic. These days we consume gross amounts of food via social media, consuming more with our eyes than our mouths could ever stomach. We sit on the couch, watch a cooking program, gain food envy, order a meal via an app that mysteriously turns up at our door 30 minutes later.

“We’ve become so detached from the act of cooking that houses will soon no longer require kitchens for meal prep. Cooking in your mouth allows us to take back ownership of our food and reignite that feeling of a true home-cooked meal.”

Q Do you participate in “mouth cooking” yourself?

“Yes, over the last few months Riva and I have been busy testing out over 50 new and innovative mouth-watering recipes, that we hope to share these with the world in the very near future.”

Q What can we expect from your next video about “mouth cooking”?

“Expect the unexpected.”

The second video of the “Cooking With Your Mouth” series is out now. See below how to make a “Raw Steak Tartare using the safety and comfort of your own mouth”.


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