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Garda Public Attitudes Survey Shows High Levels of Faith in An Garda Síochána

The Garda Press Office recently released the results of its Public Attitudes Survey for Q1 2019, which tracks the public perceptions of crime, Gardaí service, and safety throughout Ireland. The following overwhelmingly positive results demonstrate that the organisation is making marked strides forward.

When asked about whether they considered national crime to be a ‘very serious’ or ‘serious’ problem, 71% of respondents agreed. This figure is a decrease of 3% from the Q4 2018 survey. Additionally, only 16% of respondents thought crime was “very serious” or “serious” in their local area, the lowest percentage on record since the Garda Public Attitudes Survey was first issued in 2015.

Similarly, the victimisation rate was also the lowest it has been since Q1 in 2015, coming in at 4.4%. When it came to reporting crimes, 85% of victims said they had reported their most recent incident to An Garda Síochána. This figure has remained at 85% or above for the entirety of the survey, apart from Q4 2017. Amongst the victims who had reported their crime, 66% were satisfied with their experience. Additionally, 56% of victims felt they had been given the right information and support. Both of these figures have been trending upwards in recent years.

Another positive trend was that more respondents are not worried about being a victim of a crime, this figure coming in at 55%. Consequently, 65% stated their quality of life was by no means impacted by a fear of crime.

An Garda Síochána has maintained a steady presence in local areas, with 38% responding that they were aware of patrols. This percentage experienced no change from 2018. However, more respondents agreed that Garda presence in their neighbourhoods was ‘about right,’ increasing 3% to a total of 42%. The recognised service provided by Gardaí in local communities was met with even higher satisfaction. 79% of respondents were either ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied,’ and 75% thought the Gardaí are reliable and 85% believed the force to be trustworthy.

The positive perceptions continued with 94% agreeing that An Garda Síochána members are helpful and friendly; 72% also thought that Gardaí is community focused.  67% believed it is modern, progressive and effective in tackling crime, going hand-in-hand with the 54% who agreed it is well-managed. Finally, 41% thought that the organisation provides Irish citizens with a world class service.

It is especially important to highlight that 95% of respondents stated they believe An Garda Síochána would treat them respect, should they have to interact with Garda members. That sentiment was backed up by the 81% who agreed that Gardaí in their area treat people with respect, regardless of their background.

As these survey results show, An Garda Síochána has continued to uphold its standards of service and commitment to justice for the people it protects.

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