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Introducing the Bathsphere

Modern homes can be designed in unusual ways. People who are designing a modern and up to date living space can sometimes prefer aesthetics over functionality. Homes and apartments in recent years have seen a rising trend in opening the space between bedroom, bathroom and the rest of the home. If you are remodelling and looking for that essential stand out piece of furniture then look no further. The bathsphere certainly takes this concept to another level. 

The idea has come from designer Alexander Zhukovsky and the bathsphere is essentially a bath tub and shower combination that is suspended from the ceiling. It acts as both a bath and a shower and fills from the top down.  You can control the inside temperature, light, humidity and sound inside and the idea is to give the user an isolated, weightless, bubble-like environment while bathing where they can enjoy the views on all sides. Might not be the most practical bath tub ever designed but it will certainly be a talking point for your house guests.



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