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Low calorie beers that don’t compromise on taste

Most of us think that a light beer will lack taste and therefore not be as refreshing and enjoyable as regular beer.This is because most light beers contain roughly half the alcohol of full-flavour options. The reason for this is because a lot of your brew’s calories come from its alcohol content. The idea that a lighter option lacks taste is simply not true. If you want to enjoy a beer or two without wreaking havoc on your New Year diet programme here are a few lighter options that still offer great taste.

 Stone Brewing Co. “Levitation Ale”
The deep amber ale from brewed in San Diego in the United States packs lots of hoppy, malty flavor alongside lighter citrus notes in a 4.4-percent alcohol-by-volume. The company motto recommends it “If you want something lighter, but still a big hop kick, this is the one.”

Murphy’s Irish Stout
It may surprise you to find that the rich, dark beer like Murphy’s is considered to be a “light” option. But with just 144 calories, you can knock back a couple of these without feeling too guilty that you are damaging your waistline.

This craft beer is a cloudy, lightly colored wheat beer. The flavourful Belgian brew contains delicious hints of coriander and orange peel and is just 147 calories per bottle. Most Irish bars serve the beer and it is a welcome and tasty change of pace from the dozens of heavier ales on tap in most bars throughout the country.

Krombacher Pils
Krombacher is the most-popular premium beer in Germany. The grassy pilsner has an alcohol content of 4.8 % but just 130 calories per bottle. You may not find it at your local pub but it is available in places like Lidl and Tesco and is quite cheap to buy.


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