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Nearly 80% of Irish Corporate Professionals Experience Depression, Anxiety

Nearly 80% of Irish corporate employees experience severe levels of anxiety, depression and stress according to the recent Health Insights Report from Vhi.

The study also found that 67% of employees say they could be taking better care of their own mental health. More than ⅕ of Irish corporate professionals rated their stress level as ‘extremely stressed’ and reported being absent from work within the last year as a result.

Furthermore, 33% of workers said that job stress would make them consider seeking other employment, and 41% reported feeling more stress today than they did five years ago. Of all industries, the tech sector was rated as the most stressful for employees.

During the study, survey participants were offered five hypothetical stress management solutions in an effort to understand what would be most beneficial for employees in the future. The options were counselling, digital support, a course in mindfulness, and increased workplace awareness about mental health.

Sixty-seven percent of survey participants chose the mindfulness course as their favorite solution. In second place came digital support. Increased workplace awareness was the least chosen option.

The Health Insights Report is expected to be the first in a series of such projects


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