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New app to be released to avoid clampers

Finding a parking space can sometimes be a real hassle. You can spend an unesscessary amount of time driving around looking for a suitable place to pull in when you need to quickly run into the post office or the shop for a pint of milk. Some of us take the chance of parking somewhere that we now isn’t a designated parking space in the literal term, but what is the harm when you will only be parked for a minute or so?

There is no feeling worse than when you emerge from the shop to find that your car has been clamped. It is a problem that makes the blood boil in most people. Clampers have an unenviable job to do and now it appears that a new app for your smartphone may help you avoid being clamped in the future. Clamp-Alert is a new app being launched tomorrow for the Apple android.

The app functionality is two fold, firstly it allows users to set their app to park which will then tag the cars current location. Then other clamp alert users, if they see clampers or parking wardens, can log on to the app and hit “report”, which will send an instant notification to people who have set the clamp alert app to park, in that vicinity .

The app will be available to download from November 29th and there has already been plenty of debate surrounding the functionality, legality and the reasoning behind the app on radio stations such as Newstalk 106.


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