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New magnet therapy could help migraine sufferers

Those who have suffered from intense and prolonged migraine know all too well the agony and stress that they can cause to sufferers. A new solution to tackling the intense pain may lie in the use of magnets according to a watchdog in the UK. NICE claims that the use of the transcranial magnetic stimulation device could help ease the pain for sufferers.

It claims that the procedure is relatively new and that more data is required about its long-term safety and efficacy before it could be made mainstream.They put their theory into practice recently carrying out tests on migraine sufferers. In the trial of 164 patients, TMS worked twice as well as any placebo therapy and about 40% of the trialists were pain-free a mere two hours after using the device.

The Chief Executive at the charity the Migraine Trust, Wendy Thomas said “Huge numbers of sufferers find their lives blighted by migraine. We welcome NICE guidance that may help deliver brighter futures to many people for whom other treatments have not worked.”


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