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New smart toothbrush to be released

Parents have always struggled to get their children to brush their teeth twice a day. It is a struggle that dates back as far as records go. Parents ask “Did you make sure to brush your teeth?” before the children go to bed, but now that question may become obsolete. There will now be a way to know the answer without having to ask the question.

This is because the new “smart toothbrush” is set to be released. This announcement came at the International CES exhibition in Las Vegas. We live in a world of smart phones, smart TV’s and smart cars and with all new devices seemingly becoming increasingly smarter and connected, it seemed only a matter of time before someone revamped the humble electric toothbrush.

The smart toothbrush is the brainchild of Kolibree, and comes with a free mobile app that will synchronise the user’s toothbrush via Bluetooth informing the user if they have brushed long enough and well enough. It will also be able to inform you if you have carelessly missed out some of those hard to reach parts of your mouth whilst brushing your teeth.

The company maintains that this is the first product of its kind in the world and that it is tapping into the recent trend of using smart devices to help people to inform and improve their health and general well being. The idea will certainly be well received by both parents and dentists the world over.


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