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New treatment could prevent migraines from occurring

Migraine sufferers could soon be able to receive an injection that researches say can prevent them from occurring. The experimental new drugs were trialed over a number of weeks and work by targeting a protein like molecule in the body that triggers migraines. The protein molecule in the body is released into the bloodstream during a migraine and plays a major part in how and why migraines occur.

Speaking about the exciting new development in migraine treatment Dr Edward O’Sullivan, who is the medical adviser to the Migraine Association of Ireland said “The recent results are encouraging, and the drugs are now entering phase three late-stage clinical trials to further evaluate the benefits and safety of these new therapies. These results are exciting, as to date no drugs have been specifically developed for migraine prevention.”

The bad news is that the treatment will need a few more years of testing before it could be considered by the Irish Medicines Board for use in Ireland but the breakthrough is an exciting one due to the fact that there has been no proven treatment to prevent migraines from occurring to date.


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