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We provide the custom computers on the market with the best value for your money. If you are looking for a quality custom built computer that will not become outdated quickly, PcZone has what you need. We can help you create a balanced configuration that meets your needs in your home or home office.

Most people looking for a quality custom computers that will last a long time and be supported by the best technical support team in the business. For customers like these, they may want to use a PC for basic email, music, movies, word processing, photos and social networks like Facebook. However, they may want to get involved with other applications that require a bit more horsepower like video editing or gaming. Give us a call or send us an email and we can help you find the best PC that is right for your budget and needs.


We use only the best high quality parts from MSI, ASUS, GIGABYTE, etc. All hardware purchased from US burned in and tested, In other words, we don’t just connect your computer to our monitor and keyboard and assume that yours will work properly, we test all of your actual components. We want to make sure that your investment works flawlessly from the first time you turn it on.


Once you’re our customer, call us for anything. Often times a simple error will plague you for days, and we can help fix it in seconds. Part of our philosophy is to help our customers with the little things for free, so you’ll trust us to fix the bigger things. We are here in town, local and ready to help. No need to call overseas. Call us and we’ll explain everything in plain English in words you’ll understand.

Our products and services are delivered to you or to your client in a timely manner. All our packages are insured with a signature required option. We’re open when you need us. Call us anytime and we’ll get someone to help you right away, on your schedule.


We are constantly self improving. Just as important to product line selection, is what we do with those products. We have carefully crafted each of our processes to generate self-feedback. As time goes on, we solve problem after problem, making sure they do not have the possibility to happen again. And as each problem is solved, we can turn our attention to smaller problems. The cycle is never ending, as we simply keep moving to smaller and smaller issues.

We are available to you. We are proud of our transparency. Some of our competitors use tactics of providing as little detail about themselves as possible, to appear larger or more credible than they are. At PcZone, we are confident in ourselves and our abilities, and view it as a strength to share as much information about ourselves as we can. Just give us a call or stop by! It has never made sense to us to hold anything back — because PEOPLE are where the strength of any company comes from.

This spirit of transparency carries over to all aspects of our business. We provide real time tracking updates on every order, where you can see who performed what operation on your computer as it is assembled. We are happy to share with you why we have made the choices we have, such as why we moved to Corsair power supplies. This information helps you make more informed decisions, and it only strengthens us as well. We’re excited to form a community with our customers. Delivery & Installation: All equipment purchased form PcZone is delivered to your place of business or to your home.

We offer everything you need to create a fully customisable and best bespoke custom desktop Home PC, Business PC or Gaming PC. As computers specialists in Ireland, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you the best advice when it comes to choosing the right equipment for your personal or business needs, so whether you’re seeking value, style or specialities, we are the team to call.

Our PC specialists have years of experience working within the technology industry and are always on hand to offer you advice on everything from buying pre-built systems to choosing the right components for customising your own Desktop Computer. We work exclusively with world renowned brands that you know and trust, including Corsair, Intel, AMD, Kingston, Asus and Gigabyte so you can trust us when it comes to quality.

To maximize your productivity and enjoyment, we are glad to let you know that our Custom PCs are powered by cutting-edge processors, video, and memory capabilities. Our systems feature no proprietary components in a fully upgradeable architecture which allows you to upgrade and expand to future technology and the life of your system.



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