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Pharmacists encourage Irish men to take better care of their health

Men are often accused of leaving their health and well being to chance. Irish pharmacists have warned that this negligent attitude can have serious consequences. Pharmacists are encouraging all men to visit their GP’s for regular check -ups and their pharmacy to discuss any health concerns that they have.

Bernard Duggan of the Irish Pharmacy Union was speaking recently in the run up to Men’s Health Week 2014 where he highlighted that in Ireland, men have higher death rates than women in relation to all of the leading causes of death and Irish men die, on average, four-and-a-half years younger than Irish women.

Mr Duggan said “In general, men tend to leave their health and wellbeing to chance and often ignore symptoms or delay seeking medical attention with sometimes shattering consequences. We are encouraging men to make a pitstop at their local pharmacy and talk to their pharmacist if they are feeling unwell or if they need professional advice on common ailments, medicines or general lifestyle tips.”




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