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Stories from the Gardens: Visitors Invited to Share their Experiences of the National Botanic Gardens

The National Botanic Gardens has announced an exciting initiative for this year’s National Heritage Week. Under the theme of ‘Connections, Routes and Networks’, they are calling on visitors to share their stories and memories of the gardens for an upcoming exhibition, ‘Stories from the Gardens’ to be held in August.

The exhibition will showcase the fascinating social history that has shaped the National Botanic Gardens over the years. By inviting people to submit their stories and memories, they hope to highlight the importance of the gardens locally, regionally, and nationally.

Maybe you visit the National Botanic Gardens for a walk every day or you had your wedding photos taken there? Do you recall a happy memory of the gardens from your childhood? Have you a story about a famous person you met or about a recent historical event? Maybe the connection is familial, maybe a relative worked at the gardens over the years or you are just a big fan of a particular tree or plant and come to see its progress through the growing season? Whatever the story, they want to hear it!

Chairman for the Office of Public Works, John Conlon said, “We are excited to hear the stories and experiences that visitors have had down through the years in the National Botanic Gardens. This historic site means different things to so many people, with over 600,000 people visiting the gardens each year. By documenting these stories, we can create a meaningful exhibition that celebrates the rich history of this iconic site.”

Participants can submit their stories using a special questionnaire here. Alternatively, you can email your story and images to Joseph Lynch at . Entries must be received by 30 May 2024. Selected stories will be displayed in the exhibition, along with any photos that participants wish to submit.

Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of ‘Stories from the Gardens’ during National Heritage Week.

(Source: Office of Public Works)


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