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Telephone Support Allowance Of €130 Per Year Introduced For Pensioners

Commencing this week, a Telephone Support Allowance of €130 per year has been introduced by the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Regina Doherty.

A payment of €2.50 per week will be provided to pensioners who live alone and receive other social welfare payments from the Department.

Minister Doherty said the new support allowance is aimed at “encouraging social contact and preventing isolation for those who live alone”.

She continued by saying:

“We know how important it is to stay connected to family, friends and neighbours, especially as we get older. With this new Telephone Support Allowance I hope that we can help prevent social isolation among more vulnerable members of society.”

Those who are eligible for the Telephone Support Allowance are to receive their first payment by Friday, June 8th, with some customers already having received their payment as early as yesterday, June 6th.

In total, the Department has written to about 126,000 customers who meet the criteria to let them know they will be receiving their Telephone Support Allowance shortly.

The Department is informing customers that there is no application process for the allowance and no need to contact them to apply.

“All eligible customers will receive it automatically as an additional sum on top of their primary weekly payment,” said a spokesperson.

Those who are eligible are are in receipt of one of the schemes listed below, in addition to both the Living Alone Allowance and Fuel Allowance:

  • State Pension (Contributory and Non-Contributory)
  • Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s Contributory Pension
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Disability Allowance
  • Blind Pension
  • Disablement Pension (Incapacity Supplement)
  • Deserted Wife’s Benefit
  • Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s Contributory Pension under the Occupational Injuries Scheme

For further details on the Telephone Support Allowance you can visit


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