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The 10 Most Unusual Golf Courses in the World

While lots of care and planning goes into the creation of a great golf course, the general concept tends to remain the same. But there are some golf courses out there that defy expectation and stand out as very unique and very strange venues for a round of golf. Here are the ten most unusual golf courses in the world:

1. Le Touessrok, Mauritius
As part of a five-star resort just off the coast of Mauritius, there may not seem to be anything strange about Le Touessrok, that is until you realise that the course itself is housed on its own desert island. The only way there is via a short boat ride from the resort but with such stunning views, it is worth the journey.

2. Coeur d’Alene Resort, USA
The Rocky Mountains is home to a stunning golf course on Lake d’Alene in Idaho and, for the most part, the course features everything we have come to expect from a round of golf, picturesque scenery included. But then we come to the fourteenth hole, which also requires a boat ride to get there. This is because it has its own floating, movable island. Naturally, it carries with it the ultimate water hazard.

3. La Jenny Naturist Course, France
If you are the type of person who feels that the correct golfing attire is vital to a successful game, you may be out of your element at La Jenny. This is because it happens to be part of a naturist resort, allegedly the only naked golf resort in the world. While the course itself is a pretty standard eighteen-hole course, it is notable in that everyone playing is completely naked.

4. Prison View Golf Course, USA
If you are not too bothered about the quality of the view during a round of golf, or indeed your personal safety, you may be interested in paying a visit to Louisiana State Penitentiary. The main facility here may be a prison but if you can overlook that, there is a rather good golf nine-hole course, maintained by the prisoners themselves, and all you have to do to play on it is undergo screenings and be prepared to evacuate immediately if need be.

5. Nullarbor Links, Australia
If you are looking to work on your long game, there is no better golf course than Nullarbor Links in Australia, which spans a good 848 miles. Of course, each individual hole is a standard length but the kicker is that they are all located in eighteen different towns. Hire a car to drive between holes and you should be able to finish it within just four days.

6. Legend Golf and Safari Resort, South Africa
Few golf courses capture and implement the beauty of their surroundings the way Legend Golf and Safari Resort does. The course is certainly an attractive one and as you play the standard first eighteen holes you will be treated to all manner of glorious views. But then you come to the nineteenth hole, at least you do if there is a helicopter available. Once you have travelled 400 metres up Hanglip Mountain, you are ready to tee off on the final par three hole.

7. Kantarat, Bangkok
If your flight is delayed at Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport you will find that it offers the perfect way to pass the time. Situated between the two runways is an eighteen-hole course called Kantarat. Once your golf bag has been searched for weapons, you will be free to jump in a golf cart and make your way across the runway to your game, assuming the path is clear of course.

8. Camp Bonifas, South Korea
If planes are too plain for you, you could always up the danger level and head to Camp Bonifas for a potentially explosive round. Located right by the heavily fortified border, there is just one hole to play, which is good because you will want to get out of there as soon as possible. At Camp Bonifas, rough means rough and if your ball happens to land there, it could set off one of the many landmines.

9. Brickyard Crossing Golf Course, USA
Some people like golf, others like racing, but in Indianapolis, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway offers all the high-speed excitement you would expect but there is more to it than that for it is also home to the Brickyard Crossing Golf Course, of which four holes are actually situated inside the track. Don’t expect a quiet game.

10. Uummannaq, Greenland
The World Ice Golf Championship is exactly what it sounds like, played out on an ever-changing nine-hole golf course that transforms as the icebergs shift. In addition to braving the harsh conditions and very real risk of hypothermia, it is necessary to use a bright orange ball for the simple reason that you will lose a standard golf ball the moment you hit it. There’s a reason the greens are called whites here and as the environment changes, you can visit any number of times and never play the same course twice.


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