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The Future of Transportation

Dublin’s first driverless bus took the streets on Saturday, taking off from Dublin’s docklands. The

EZ10 is a bi-directional driverless shuttle that detects and avoids potential obstacles using a full range of sensors – Radars, Lidars, Stereo Cameras, GPS, Initial Measurement Unit, and Odometry. The autonomous shuttle navigates cities through a predefined route, and is the first autonomous shuttle to be authorised in a mixed traffic environment. The shuttle has been approved for operation in France, Germany, Norway, Australia, Japan, and California.

To date, the smart shuttle has been deployed in 21 countries, has travelled 250,000km, and transported 320,000 people within urban, rural, and private areas. Stringent safety protocols have been followed to ensure it is road worthy and has been awarded certificates of approval by TÜV SÜD (Germany), RDW (Netherlands), UTAC (France), and STA (Sweden).

EasyMile are the innovators of this smart solution to the future of transportation. They are pioneers in driverless technology and smart mobility solutions. The start-up company has been developing software that allows autonomous vehicles travel without the need for additional, specific infrastructure for the last four years.

Speaking to two ladies who took the shuttle on Saturday, it is clear that its passengers feel safe onboard: ‘It was more controlled than I thought it would be, it didn’t lose it’s way at all. It was perfect, it was safe.’

” We drove past a tree and because [it] was close to us, and the shuttle itself, it slowed down until we had past the tree. It was so controlled.”

EasyMile ensured one of their engineers was available on the day to answer questions and explain the key safety components of the shuttle. One of the shuttles passengers liked how consistent and reliable the shuttle felt. ‘I’d be happy to take the shuttle over a bus any day.’


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