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The most unusual Golf courses in the world

Golf is a sport enjoyed by many around the globe. So it comes as no surprise that there are golf courses everywhere, with even more being constructed to satisfy all the enthusiasts out there. But there are some players who crave a challenge outside the norm of their clubs at home. It’s always the same series of holes, with a teeing ground, a fairway, the rough, and a green with a flagstick and hole. But there are plenty of exciting and different courses in the world that will keep your game fresh and interesting.

By Catherina Arndt

Colorado, USA: Fossil Trace

This historic golf course is set in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain Front Range; 64 million years after the dinosaurs walked it. The property has become known for its prehistoric significance, since you can find footprints left by dinosaurs on holes 11 through 15. Spectacular views and a challenging course make a play in this former clay mine quite unusual.

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Bangkok, Thailand: Kantarat Golf Course

The owners of the Don Mueang International Airport decided to utilize the extra space and place an 18-hole course right between two runways. One can only imagine how loud it would be to play on this course! It is located in the Thai Air Force facility, so it is not accessible by taxi. Most of the 18 holes are a straight course. However, because the course width is so narrow, balls become easily lost on the tarmac.

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Coober Pedy, Australia: The Opal Fields Golf Club

Maintaining fresh, green grass is a challenge for all golf clubs in hotter climates. But when your club is situated right in the Outback, that challenge becomes almost impossible to master and unbelievably expensive as well. So the owners of The Opal Fields Golf Club decided to just leave their course like it is: a sandy desert. This famous 18-hole par-72 course is one large sand trap and a living tribute to the ingenuity of the miners of the town nearby. When there, beware of the scolding Australian heat in the summer and the rains in the winter!

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Tornio, Finland: Tornio Golf Club

Ever wanted to play golf in two countries at the same time? Located on the border of northern Finland and Sweden, this course lies on the river delta of the Torne and has 11 holes in Sweden and 7 in Finland. Due to the time difference it’s possible for a ball to be in the air for approximately an hour and five seconds! You can also hit the longest hole ­in-one in the world on the 6th hole. The extended daylight hours allow you to play 24/7 during midsummer, when the sun never sets.

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Pokhara, Nepal: Himalayan Golf Club

Nepal has been a popular tourist destination for ages, with its awe-inspiring mountain scenery and ancient culture. This golf course lets you enjoy golf in the same raw, majestic setting. From the cows and goats relaxing on the greens, to the kids swimming in the river. The canyon golf course is unique and along with that golfers can expect plenty of wildlife as they play off 70 foot elevated hillside tees, an island fairway, and a canyon amphitheatre layout.

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Qaasuitsup, Greenland: Uummannaq Greenland

Uummannaq, a small town in Greenland about 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle, is the home of the World Ice Golf Championships. The rules are pretty much the same and strictly applied, with some variations to account for the conditions. The holes are shorter, the cups are larger, and everything is a bit colder than normal. A local hotel owner created this course, but it’s not just for fun. Golfers from all over the world come to play here and experience a game of golf in temperatures that will make you shiver all over.

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