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Upgrade Your Home To Improve Energy Efficiency

As we move into the warmer summer months and longer days, now is the ideal time to get a home upgrade to improve energy efficiency. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is encouraging homeowners to insulate their homes and to move away from fossil fuel boilers with an energy efficient heat pump system. This is now even easier than ever with the new One Stop Shop service offering a wider range of government grants, which have recently been increased to support homeowners carrying out home energy upgrades.

According to Susan Andrews with SEAI, “improving your home energy offers a long-term return on investment and is more affordable than ever with increased grants from SEAI covering up to 50% of the cost of works, and up to 80% for attic and cavity wall insulation. Research shows that home energy upgrades can increase the value of a home by 1% for each step of improvement on the BER scale. Homeowners will experience a range of benefits including increased comfort and a warmer, healthier home, while saving on their monthly energy bills.”

Andrews went on to emphasise the real benefits of the One Stop Shop service, “for homeowners looking to carry out multiple upgrades in one go, they should consider the One Stop Shop service. This grant option offers a complete home energy upgrade solution where a One Stop Shop manages your project from start to finish, including your grant application. The benefit for the homeowner is that they will have one point of contact managing their entire project, making it hassle free. They will also get the grant value upfront and will only have to fund the cost of works minus the grant.”

Currently, an estimated 50% of Irish homes are only reaching a BER rating of ‘D’ or lower, which means many Irish homeowners are losing out on comfort and savings. With energy costs rising, upgrading your home can help in the long-term to reduce your energy costs. Homeowners who invest in a home energy upgrade quickly feel the benefits of increased comfort and reduced energy bills.

For further information about the One Stop Shop service and to apply for SEAI’s home energy grants visit here.

Source: SEAI


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