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Warm up in these free hot springs throughout the world

If you are on your travels this month and wish to relieve those New Year aches and pains why not indulge in a day-long dip in an all natural hot tub. This may seem to be an extravagant luxury, but if you are in the right part of the world there are countless destinations where you can try an all natural and totally free natural hot baths. Some of these are the size of small swimming pools and others are merely the size of a large puddle, most of which are usually a well kept local secret. Here are a selection of a few of the most relaxing and replenishing hot springs from around the world that won’t cost you a penny to enjoy.

Saturnia, Italy

The Saturnia hot springs are located in southern Tuscany and consist of clear water flowing down over rock pools where visitors can relax in their own personal hot baths. The water in the pools runs constantly and the 37C temperature is perfect for those who wish to relax and perfect for anyone with muscle or back pains. The water is rich with sulphur, calcium and carbon and is surrounded by thick woodland and olive groves. The rock pools have been turned white due to the minerals in the water which gives them a soothing glow. There is no entrance fee required and Tuscany offers plenty of other destinations for natural hot springs.

Location: Terme di Saturnia, 58014 Saturnia, near Manciano, southern Tuscany

Travertine and Hot Creek hot springs, USA

California has natural hot springs in abundance and many of them are convenient for visitors to the state to get to. However, without doubt the most popular of these is the Travertine hot spring which is located near Bridgeport. The 37C natural hot spring has one of the most stunning panoramic views on offer anywhere in the world as it is surrounded by the Californian desert. There are many hot spring pools here and it is important to look out for the signs that are located around them as some of the pools can reach very high temperatures.

Location: Travertine Hot Springs, near Bridgeport and Hot Creek, 25 miles south of Lake Mono, California

Halfway and Lussier hot springs, Canada

This natural bath is located in one of the rich pine forests of the stunning British Columbia. In the Nakusp and Arrow Lakes region of British Columbia there is an entire region known as the Valley of Hot Springs and there’s even a hiking trail to bring you to some of the most popular of them. A lot of them have been commercialised by hotels and spas but there are still plenty of free hot springs to enjoy such as the Halway hot springs. This is a perfect location where the river has been dammed resulting in a natural pool that visitors can have a heated and relaxing soak in the middle of the forest.

Location: Halfway Hot Springs, 25km north of Nakusp, British Columbia, Canada

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

The beautiful and tranquil Hot Water Beach is located on the coast of New Zealand’s North Island. It also offers something quite unique that you will not find anywhere else, the opportunity to build your own hot tub out of the sand. The water that comes up from beneath the beach provides naturally heated hot water and if you dig deep enough you can build your very own personal hot tub.

Location: 12km south of Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula, North Island, New Zealand

Reykjadalur, Iceland

If you are visiting Iceland you will be sure to find an array of natural springs to relax in. Iceland sits on top of a hotbed of volcanic activity and has no shortage of smaller hot springs and pools you can visit without having to pay an entry fee. The most popular of these for a tourist to get to is Reykjadalur, which translates into English as Steam Valley. The natural hot spring is located a 45-minute drive from Reykjavik, followed by a short hike, the spring is a lush stream surrounded by wild grassland. It’s as fresh and invigorating as hot springs can get.

Location: Around one hour’s hike from Hveragerði, in the country’s south


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