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10 Weird Things You Can Do in Dubai (And 1 That You Can’t)

1. Go Skiing


Dubai doesn’t let little things like climate get in the way of a good time. If you want to ski in the desert, now you can at the Mall of Emerites.

2. Enjoy a Camel Burger


You may have spent the afternoon taking camel rides through the desert, but do you really think you’ve experienced all a camel has to give? Not according to Local House. They claim to be the first to introduce the camel burger.

3. Get Gold To Go


The temperature is 45 degrees Celsius, you’re complete parched and in need of a refreshment. You see a vending machine up ahead. You think “great”, that’s just what I’ve been looking for. You get to the machine, put in your card and out plonks a 24-carat bar of gold. That’s right, you’re in Dubai, where there are vending machines that dispense gold.

4. Take an Abra in Dubai Creek


Abras are the local, traditional wooden boats of Dubai. They are used to ferry people between water stations in Dubai Creek. They are also a great eco-friendly way to see how the cosmopolitan city once lived before… you know.

5. Go to an Ice Bar in the Desert


The people of the United Arab Eremites don’t take the word ‘impossible’ very seriously. The Chillout Lounge is proof of this. It is essentially a desert mirage brought to life: a restaurant and cocktail bar made of ice. The temperature is set at six degrees Celsius and customers are provided with jackets and gloves.

6. Get High

tall hotel

No, not that kind of high (unless you fancy a long stay in prison, or worse). Dubai is home to the tallest hotel in the world, the JW Marriot Marquis hotel. If you stay on the 69th floor you’ll be sleeping in the highest hotel rooms in the world.

7. Tour The World

tour the world

This group of markets has over 160 kiosks from 65 different countries and a bunch of different rides from trampolines to sky coasters.

8. Dive With Sharks


This one requires a bit of training, and not a small amount of bravery. But if you can muster it you can swim with 10,000 pounds of muscle and teeth, no need of a pesky thing like a safety cage.

9. Deserts Buggy Drive

desert duggy drive

Don’t have a driver’s license? No matter, you don’t need one to take this desert buggy drive. Your guide will provide you with everything you need to race across an endless expanse of desert.

10. Ride Seabreachers


Take a closer look at that picture. What you’re seeing isn’t an Orca making an escape from captivity, it’s a submersible watercraft. That’s right, there are people inside that thing. These boats operate much like aircrafts, and they allow you to dive, jump and cut through waves. They also reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

Get a Good Pint of Guinness


Sorry, no. You can’t get this in Dubai.


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