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3 Tips To Help Manage And Reduce Stress

Experiencing more headaches? Has your breathing all of a sudden become more rapid and your heart is beating faster? Do you feel tetchy and irritable?

If you are experiencing some of these sysmptoms then you may be stressed out.

Everyone has experienced stress in their lives, it’s not an uncommon occurence. Life gets hectic, deadlines have to be met, extra responsibilities can arise. Maybe you are currently in a situation that is overwhelming you.

According to

“Stress is how you feel when you are facing demands that you are not sure you can meet. It is a normal part of everyday life and can be both positive and negative. Many things can trigger a stress response – relationships, money, work, exams, the expectation you put on yourself or the expectation you feel from others – the list is endless.”

Here are three tips to help manage and reduce stress:


Reduce nicotine and caffeine intake:

Avoid, or at least reduce, any nicotine intake and drinks containing caffeine.

Caffeine and nicotine can raise the heart rate and blood pressure. They are stimulants and will furthermore increase your levels of stress rather than reduce them.

A happy young couple sleeping peacefully in bed

Get more sleep:

By ensuring you get more sleep you will significantly reduce stress and enable yourself to have a better grasp on the day ahead.

Avoid drinking coffee in the evening and try and switch off your brain from mentally demanding work several hours before bedtime.


Talk to someone:

Whether it’s your partner, a family member, a friend or a counsellor, talking about what is stressing you out can be a massive weight off your mind.

Even talking to those around you about anything can distract you from stress.

If you are currently in a stressful environment or situation, bear these three tips in mind


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