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Google Helping You Travel

Google Maps

This app is undoubtedly one of my most used apps when travelling. Dowloading it means you never have to worry about getting lost while wandering the new and unfamiliar town you’ve just landed in.

Google maps allows you to plan your route while it suggests the fastest route. Your route can include multiple stops and if you want your friends to tag along or meet up with you along the way, you can share your location.

The most pragmatic feature of the app is it can be used offline. So if you haven’t unlocked your phone and are not availing of local mobile data while on the go, you can still track your routes through ‘Offline maps’. To download a map, search for any address in the app, swipe up from the bottom to get more information, and tap the Download button.

Google Trips

Travel the world but keep all your information in the same place. With no Wi-Fi and no data, you can still reach all your essential information through Google Trips. The app stores details of your accommodation, its location, and flight details by synching up with your email. Other features include reserving transport tickets and being inspired by other travellers and their adventures.

Strategically figuring out your itinerary for each day is easy. Know your must-see destinations and they’ll be laid out on the map for you; with the added bonus of giving you estimated travel times between destinations.

Top tip: Download your trip offline to easily keep track of your events and their locations when internet is out of reach.

Google Translate

Offline features are fantastic additions to any app when travelling; Google Translate feels the same. The app has the potential to offer downloadable language packs to use offline. What this means is, you can use the translation tool in the exact same way as if you had cellular data. The update speeds up translations and allows you to use your camera and capture signage in real time, to be translated by the app. Or, if it’s a conversation you need help understanding, activate your phone’s microphone and record the audio to watch the translation appear on screen.

Now there’s never a need to be ‘lost in translation’.


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