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Top 10 Gifts for You and Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

This festive season will be unlike any other… unless other holiday season’s you’ve had to quarantine, can’t travel and the thought of a pint in a pub is a mere memory. But fear not, just because Christmas will look different than normal it doesn’t mean the love and gifts shared can’t be great.

Here is a list of the top 10 gifts for you and your loved ones this Holiday Season; they’ll keep you safe but also help you enjoy your quaran-time, er, we mean quarantine.

1. Board Games: Who doesn’t love an infuriating jigsaw or family-ending Monopoly? Buy yourself the likes of Catchphrase, Scrabble or good ol’ fashioned Chess – Queen’s Gambit, anyone? Anything you get to bring the family together (but safely) is something definitely worth getting.

2. Care Packages: You don’t have to be overseas to love getting a Care Package! Although, definitely helps when you miss your favourite Tayto flavour or a nice cup of Barry’s. But putting together some of their favourite treats, a few knick-knacks they love (hello candy-cane scented lotions) and maybe a heartful, hand-made card and you’re good to go!

3. Local Art: what better time to support local than right now? Look up local artists and see what would suit your loved-one best! Hey, maybe you can even get one comissioned to make it even more personal? Who wouldn’t love having the Smoke Stacks or the Ring of Kerry hanging in their Sitting Room?

4. Exercise Kits: No time like the present (no pun intended) to buy the gift of fitness. Working from home doesn’t mean you’re up and about; if anything it could mean MORE sitting around. So, an exercise ball to sit on, resistance bands to use between Zoom meetings or a yoga mat to stretch out on after a long day might be the perfect package for someone this Holiday season.

5. Environmentally Friendly Utensils: The Earth, it’s kinda pretty … so, why not help keep that way? Bamboo chopsticks, forks and knives are always a delight (and not just for your friend the panda), stainless steel straws or maybe makeup brushes and re-useable wipes for her nighttime routine. Any of these reuseable products are perfect for your environmentally-savvy giftee.

6 Streaming Services: we are all stuck indoors, unable to hit the pub with our mates or spend a Friday night playing Crazy Golf, so why not make the best of a bad situation? Help them finally binge-watch their favourite series, or give the gift of a cozy night in watching their favourite Holiday movies. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! But definitely steal the password, you could use some movie-time too.

7. Gift Cards: Although it feels like years away, life will resume to a somewhat-normal routine eventually. Also, who doesn’t love food and shopping?? No one, that’s who. A gift-card to their favourite local restaurant, or maybe a shop they frequent, could be the best way of saying, “Here’s a way to get you out of the house for my sanity while still saying ‘I love you.’” It’s a win-win, really. Also, did you see our little “local” comment there? Shop local, every little bit helps!

8. Books: Romance, Horror, Biography, History … whatever they love, there is a book to go with it. Check out some old-school book stores around town to find some niche finds and help keep their love of the written word alive.

9. A Getaway Staycation: Yes, those two words kind of conflict, but 2020 gave us the opportunity to really see our own country. Get a gift-card or book a night away for you and your loved one. Yes, you’ll still be indoors, and yes you’ll still have to follow the rules, but it’s way better to be safe in a jacuzzi and with room service.

10. Quality Time: We saved this one for last because sometimes, during the chaos of this year, it’s forgotten that just because we HAVE to stay-in together doesn’t mean we don’t get to enjoy it. Get your loved one, bundle up and walk around and enjoy everything your town has to offer. Check out the lights, grab a coffee to go and just enjoy the fresh air and the fact we made it through the year (maybe a few more cuts and scrapes than intended, but made it none-the-less).

We are all in this together, so let’s make sure we shop local, do so safely, and make the Holidays the best we can this year.

Happy Holidays 2020!

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