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6 Fitness App Options for 2016

467513-charitymilesCharity Miles

Available on: Android, iOS

Charity miles allows you to earn money for charities while you run, walk or cycle. It works by linking you with corporate sponsors that donate a few cents to a charity for every mile you complete. You get to choose the charity you wish to supoprt from a list in the browser. A few cents a mile may not seem like very much but it will build up over time. It also gives you a good reason to do another mile when you feel like giving up.



Free; €6 per month or €30 per year for Premium
Available on: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone

Endomondo is a running, cycling and outdoor activity tracker. It has really good accuracy and a simple, easy to use interface. It you decide to go premium you can avail of it’s training and coaching features.



467517-358825-jefit-workoutJefit Workout

Free; Jefit Pro version available for €6
Available on: Android, iOS

If your workout log is due an upgrade from pen and paper, Jefit Workout might just be what you need. Jefit gives you the tools you need to create wright-lifting programmes and track your prgress as you prgress through routines. You can log sets and reps, and keep track of how much you lifted. It also provides a calander for planning workout days and rest days. If you don’t need too many fancy features, Jefit is for you.


467509-358829-myfitnesspalMy Fitness Pal

Available on: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, Web

MyFitnessPal is a very handy app for keeping track of how much you eat, so you don’t loose the run of yourself. It comes with a large database of food and drink so you can easily watch your nutrition intake. It can also track the ammount of calories you burn through activities. My FitnessPal is very easy to use, so you’ll have no more excuses not to watch what you’re eating.



Free; Premium from €6 per month or €60 per year
Available on: Android, iOS

Strava is a really fun app for particularly compeditive people. You can compete against yourself to improve your own time or you can compete with strangers who take the same running or cycling route as you do. There is nothing as satisfying as topping a leaderboard.



467506-346951-zombies-runZombie, Run!

Available on: Android, iOS

While it may not strictly be a fitness app, there is nothing that gets a person moving more than the threat of zombies. Zombie, Run! Is an audio adventure game that keeps you entertained as you train. You listen to a story your earphones about zombies and complete missions as you go. The whole thing is great fun, but also good practice for the day of the real zombie outbreak.


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