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Carlsberg tackle Plastic Positively

Plastic polluting our oceans has become a planetary crisis. During the course of making Blue Planet II, David Attenborough and his team explored nearly every corner of the underwater world. In doing so Blue Planet highlighted that our actions are having a significant, negative impact on the world’s oceans. 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year and we are in need of a solution to cut down on this plastic waste.

Carlsberg have presented a solution to the growing problem – to cease using plastic rings on cans of Carlsberg beer.

The company have replaced plastic rings with a recyclable glue that can simultaneously withstand cold temperatures, but cans can still separate from each other with ease when a cold drink is in demand. Vice President of Product Development for Carlsberg said the company has been developing this environmental response for 3 years and is happy to announce their availability in-store.

Carlsberg is not the first company to take a stance against harmful plastics like these plastic rings. Florida based brewery, Saltwater Brewery, developed a compostable ring alternative that is biodegradable when it enters the ocean. The six pack rings are totally edible because they have been made with barley and wheat ribbons from the brewing process.

Brewery President Chris Gove was definitely on the mark with his optimism to: ‘influence the big guys and inspire them to get on board’. Now is the time for innovative solutions to curtail our production of harmful plastics.


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