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Dublin traffic congestion is the tenth worst in the world

A report that has been released by the satellite navigation manufacturers Tom Tom has shown that Dublin is the 10th most congested city on the planet. According to their fourth annual global traffic index, the company claims that shortcuts that people take in the city usually adds around 50% extra travel time to their journeys and that commuters on average spend eight working days a year in traffic.

Tom Tom found that the worst days of the week for traffic jams in the Irish capital are Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings. Their information showed that Dublin is the sixth most congested city in Europe with a congestion of 35%. This percentage figure means that on average travel times in Dublin were 35% longer than they would be on uncongested routes.

The situation seems to be worse during rush hours. In the morning rush-hour, travel times were 74 % longer than free-flow traffic, while, in the evening, travel times were nearly at 71%. Tom Tom’s information indicated that Dublin was in the top 10 most congested cities in the world along with the likes of Mexico City, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro.


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