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Male Gardaí Are More Likely To Marry Nurses

Did you hear? Apparently male gardaí are more likely to marry nurses than any other profession.

It has been found that 15% of male gardaí go on to marry nurses, followed by fellow gardaí at 10% and primary/nursery teachers at 8%.

Additionally, 49% of female gardaí end up marrying fellow gardaí.

According to the Central Statistics Office’s (CSO) latest analysis of the Census 2016 data on who marries who these are facts.

The report titled “Who Marries Whom? – An Occupational Hazard” highlights how “Generally, people are most likely to get married within their own occupation”.

Furthermore, the report indicates that people are also likely to marry people in other occupations that they work closely with, or where they may share similar working hours.

The most striking fact was how 80% of female farmers tend to marry within their occupation.

The full account of the report can be found by clicking on this link.


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