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Must-have car and bike gadgets

Inventors come up with ideas for a safer commute by car or bicycle all the time, but only few of them are actually practical to use in everyday life. Find some of the best and most useful items here.

Ztylus Stinger

The Stinger is a handy device to have at your disposal after an accident.

If your car windows or doors are jammed, the Stinger is designed to shatter the dashboard or car window, thus allowing you to quickly exit your vehicle. The device also incorporates a slim blade on the backside, which allows you to slice through a jammed seat belt.

Smart Rearview Mirror

Get a full view of the road around you with the Smart Rearview Mirror. This device uses a built-in camera to finally get rid of blind spots. The Argus FHD is a full-screen display mirror. It’s as big and wide as possible to give you a clear view of both sides of your vehicle.

In addition, it’s small enough to not obstruct your view through the windshield. It also converts to an 8.88-inch LCD screen and works with the included 180-degree camera. The camera offers multiple view modes to cater your view for far views, backing up, and even at night. The buttons on the front also allow you to adjust the brightness between high, medium, and low.


In the days of smartphones with tweets, texts, selfies, and phone calls, HUDWAY Glass makes sure you keep your eyes on the road. HUDWAY Glass is a universal driving accessory that turns your smartphone into a concise Head-Up Display at eye level.

Displaying clear directions and information, such as the path of the road or your speed, from your phone, HUDWAY Glass keeps your hands on the wheel and your eyes focused on what’s ahead. Because it’s self-contained and not reliant on your windshield, there’s no risk of image doubling, glare, or poor image size to disrupt your journey.

The multi-layered glass coating is transparent to ensure your view is never obstructed. Two mounts are available with HUDWAY Glass; a compact 5mm mount and a 30-degree tilting mount.

Linka smartlock

Bike theft is a huge problem. New exciting products let you secure your bike in ways that might prevent your bike to be stolen.

The LINKA Smart Bike Lock is a locking device that is always attached to your bike. It has an auto-lock feature that recognizes you when you approach and unlocks it.

And this lock is no run of the mill chain – it’s essentially a SWAT team for your bike. It’ll send you push notifications if it senses someone attempting to hack it off, and it will also deafen the potential thief with a 100 dB alarm.

In case of a thief succeeding and cycling off, the lock is equipped with a geolocater to help you catch up with them – also handy if you’ve forgotten where you parked it before a night out with your friends.

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

The Zackees have turn signals built into the back of each hand, which are activated by touching the metal contacts on your thumb and the side of your palm.

This LED Turn Signal Gloves from is an awesome way to signalize to others that you are changing lanes or turn in traffic. They are made of durable Lycra Spandex with reinforced leather palms and can be machine washed.

The gloves have bright 54 lumen LEDs build arranged as arrows. Two pairs of rechargeable coin cell batteries are used but don’t worry about the power – an Ambient Light Sensor increases the brightness during the daytime, and extend the battery life multiple times during night.

Siva Cycle Atom

Ever thought of how much kinetic energy you create on your commute to work?

Probably enough to charge your phone if you forgot to plug it in the night before. Sticking the Atom onto your rear hub, the energy from your wheel is fed into a battery pack which can charge your phone as you cycle.

It lets you convert the momentum of your bicycle ride into power for electronics such as iPhone and Android Phones.

By Catherina Arndt


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