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Private hospital treatment abroad – Your overseas options

Private hospital treatment abroad – Your overseas options

 Hospitals in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Malta, Portugal, Spain and United Arab Emirates (UAE), have excellent medical and surgical facilities and offer an attractive surgery alternative which you may wish to consider if you are looking for private hospital treatment.

Surgery prices for hospital treatment in Europe are highly competitive. For example, the cost of a hip replacement operation in a private hospital in Ireland or the UK might be around €7,500 to €11,000. By opting to go for treatment in another European country, you could save €3,000 to €4,000.


Top destinations for overseas procedures

 Belgium – Quality of care, low prices and easy travel by Eurostar make Belgium a popular overseas health care destination for British people who are seeking surgery abroad, including cosmetic and plastic surgery. The high level of cosmetic and plastic surgical expertise evolves from many years of training – all doctors are trained for a minimum of seven years and specialists for 12 years and the high quality health care system is renowned world-over. For example Belgium was top of the list for best heart treatment in Europe according to a European Heart Journal analysis of 24 European countries.

Belgium has a large number of private hospitals and the independent status of its hospitals means that revenues and profit are ploughed back into new equipment and technology. In a recent study by The World Markets Research Centre (a leading provider of independent business and industry intelligence) Belgium ranked top for medical purposes out of 175 countries, not least because secondary infection rates average less than 0.5% compared with around 10% in Ireland, and in some places increasing. Hygiene and post operative care are first rate and international statistics show cases of MRSA are non-existent in Belgium. Flexibility in the hospital infrastructure means that patients are seen almost immediately and more often than not after cosmetic surgery, for example, patients can leave the clinic on the same day.


 France – France is well-known for its exceptional healthcare services. Medical technologies and standards of care are among the most advanced in the world. France will always be one of the top options for anyone seeking first-class medical treatment abroad. Medical technologies are extremely advanced in France so you can expect top class treatment and the assurance that you are in very safe hands. There are good savings to be made, but it’s not just about financial reward. Choosing to have dental treatment, cosmetic treatment on elective surgery in France means that you are opting for a wealth of medical experience and expertise, backed by a sound economy that provides the latest medical equipment and technology.

Top quality, affordable surgery is available in many excellent centres across France, not just in Paris. Private clinics are clean and welcoming and medical staff are often fluent in other languages, particularly English. With an outstanding healthcare system and some of the most superior surgeons in the world specialising in obesity, orthopaedic, cardiology and general surgery, France is difficult to beat as a medical tourism destination.

 Malta – The quality of medical care in Malta is excellent. Private hospitals generally offer a higher standard of service than the public hospitals, and many of the best doctors practise in private medical facilities.

Prices for surgery in Malta can be 60% to 70% lower than for corresponding treatment in Ireland and the UK. So, by choosing to have your treatment in Malta you can make substantial savings on cost and take advantage of one of the many medical holidays that are available in this amazing island. With an excellent medical reputation (ranking fifth place in the world in the World Health Organisation’s report of 2000) it’s not surprising that Malta is becoming an increasingly popular health tourism destination.

State of the art private hospitals are equipped with ultra-modern technology such as laminar flow ventilation (which helps reduce risk of post-op infections by around 50 per cent) and outstanding teams of medical and nursing staff. Surgery prices are competitive and you may be able to pay for your orthopaedic surgery and accommodation and still have change from what the procedure alone would have cost at home. Savings can also be made on cosmetic surgery and you still get treatment in the leading private clinics in Malta.

 Portugal – Portugal offers a modern, western way of life, with excellent infrastructure and clean, well equipped clinics with highly trained staff. Portugal is also excellent value in terms of living expenses and treatment costs. Even in the major cities, Portugal is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, with dinner from under €15 and local metro rail travel from just €0.85. This great value extends to private medical care, cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery. Portugal’s private clinics offer a much wider range of services than other healthcare tourism destinations, extending beyond cosmetic procedures to include routine surgery too. Portugal offers the medical tourist one of the widest ranges of treatments of any destination, offering standard medical and surgical procedures alongside the traditional range of cosmetic and elective treatments. Cosmetic dental tourism is also rapidly growing in the country, with a large number of dental clinics springing up in and around both the major cities and the main seaside tourist centres.

Medical and dental tourism to Portugal has many advantages, and although the prices may not be as low as those you might find in other destinations such as Eastern Europe or Asia, the quality of facilities, the pleasant environment and the overall affordability of a Portuguese holiday more than compensate.

Portugal has positioned itself as a centre of excellence in healthcare, especially in the areas of cosmetic and re-constructive surgery, making it an ideal destination for the healthcare tourist who values quality above cost and expects the highest standards without compromise.

 United Arab Emirates – With quality medical staff and equipment, healthcare in the UAE has progressed from a primitive state to standards on a par with the Western world. Dubai, a destination already known as a luxury vacation paradise, offers the ultimate shopping and tourism experience. The UAE’s official language is Arabic but many people speak English, particularly those who are in business or commerce.

Healthcare available is of a high standard and at competitive rates compared to the West. Modern medical management, efficient clinical governance, introduction of the best facilities in the field of medicine and highly qualified and experienced doctors all adds to the uncompromising quality of healthcare in the region.The United Arab Emiratesis a relative newcomer to medical tourism, but is quickly catching up, with recent estimates indicating that the number of foreign patients is growing each year.








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