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Road Safety as Schools Reopen

The first day back at school will be like no other. When schools start to re-open this week, almost six months after they closed so suddenly on March 12th, these will be unprecedented times, not just for the pupils and their parents, but for the whole country.  Schools have been working flat out to prepare the school buildings and policies for reopening.

The Donegal Road Safety Working Group is reminding motorists, cyclists and children to take extra care on our roads around the County as schools return.  As schools reopens across Donegal, it is important to remember that school days bring more traffic on our roads, buses picking up and leaving off children, children walking and cycling to and from school. It is so important for drivers to slow down, drive within the speed limits and pay attention when children are on our roads, especially before and after school.

Brian O’Donnell, Road Safety Officer said “I would appeal to everyone to demonstrate good road safety behaviour at all times as children will learn from our example.  If they travel by car or bus, make sure they know how important it is to put their seatbelt on at all times.  Show them how you put on your seatbelt any time you get into the car, no matter how short the journey and always demonstrate good, safe and responsible road safety behaviour”.

“Roads will be busier, and the increased volume of traffic will lead to an increase in journey time so it is important to allow for this when deciding what time to set off at in the morning and to be aware of this again in the afternoon. Footpaths, particularly around schools will also be busier and people will have to be patient with each other as they adhere to social distance guidelines. Children are the most vulnerable of our road users so it is really important that parents and teachers ensure that they learn how to stay safe on the roads.  Nothing excuses or justifies putting the lives of children in danger or the safety of other road users”.

“We need to continue to remind all road users about the importance of road safety to save lives, reduce injury and to lower the pressure on health and emergency services. We still need to stay alert and vigilant, which can be difficult at such a stressful and anxious time, when it is easy to lose our concentration.  Whether driving our car or crossing a road, thinking about and practicing road safety is still as important as ever”.

Let us all make this a safe return to school for everyone and please Stay Safe.

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