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The Moving Crib – A hidden jewel in Dublin’s Crown

You know it’s really Christmas when you hear mention of The Moving Crib and this year is no different. This wonderful gem will be opened again this year to celebrate its 63rd birthday, having welcomed 23,000 visitors last year, and best of all it’s still FREE! The timeless charm of the Crib lives on and has become a nostalgic centrepiece of the Christmas season for many. Enjoy a medley of Biblical, historical and fun stories, competitions, an illusion wall all wrapped up in a blanket of Christmas magic. It is guaranteed festive fun for all ages, and children are encouraged to draw and colour a Leaf, cut out the shape and bring it with them so that they can be placed in the Garden of Eden forever.

The Crib is a monument of Dublin’s “rare auld times” but one that carries a message for today, helping to banish the winter blues and warm its visitors with excitement and real Christmas Spirit! Also, the wonderful Bray Gospel Choir will be performing at on Sunday December 15th from 12pm – 4pm. Enjoy an afternoon of Gospel, Soul and Carols to give you all the Christmas feels. The Choir, whose passion for Gospel and Soul is renowned, have been a huge hit with visitors for the past three years. Just turn up and enjoy!

*Closed: Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day & New Year’s Day.

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