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This Insane Sport is Used to Train Japan’s Defence Force


Japan have always done things a little differently. It’s what we love them for. So we shouldn’t be so surprised to hear that their National Defence Force is using an extreme, battle-royale-like sport called Botaoshi as training for their soldiers.

Botaoshi is something between rugby and capture-the-flag, but with lots more bodies involved. As much as 300 players take to the field for each match. The goal of Botaoshi is to pull down a three-metre pole held upright by the opposing team. Injuries during the sport are so frequent that multiple ambulances wait in the sidelines for the inevitable concussions and mangled limbs that come with each game.

The sport is said to be highly tactical, and combined with its brute physicality, it is the perfect training exercise to help soldiers prepare for the battlefield. Not to mention how great it is to watch.

See the full documentary as reported in Al Jazeera’s documentary series, Witness:





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