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Top tips for good mental and physical wellbeing

Many Eastern philosophies believe that physical health is connected strongly to a good mental state of mind. If your mind is right, the physical side of life becomes easier and more enjoyable. We in the western world are notoriously hesitant at buying into the idea that a healthy mental state of mind is something you can work at just like physical exercise. Most lifestyle changes we choose to make in our day to day lives can improve our bodies but they also help our minds. Here are a few top tips that will benefit both the mind and the body…

Exercise: It’s the cheapest antidepressant there is. Regular activity is scientifically proven to lower the risk of depression happening in the first place. Regular exercise can also reduce any potential risk of memory loss. Some is good, more is better for the mind and body.

Nutrition: A rainbow diet of multicoloured fruit and vegetables that includes oily fish and watches the calories is an important way to stay healthy.

Recreation: Try to start up an old hobby of yours or try starting a new one. If it’s an outdoor activity all the better but what is essential is that it will engage your concentration and intellect. Sitting in your armchair channel surfing does not count unfortunately.

Relaxation and stress management: Anything from basic muscle relaxation techniques through to yoga and meditation may be what does it for you. It may sound very new age but the exercises can be very simple, enjoyable and effective. You could teach yourself a few simple techniques or alternatively there are plenty of classes to attend. The key here is to do it regularly to reap the rewards.

Relationships: It is vitally important for our mental state of mind to engage and interact with others on a regular basis. Spending more time with family and friends and widening social group contacts will improve your happiness and overall quality of life.

Be honest and open about mental health: Mental health unfortunately remains taboo and quite stigmatised in Ireland. The important thing to remember is that we could all be affected as mental illness does not discriminate. It is vital to recognise when problems are starting, seeking help early and being receptive to the mental health needs of those around us. Talking is the key.


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