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Best 5 Summer Cruises for 2016

1. Alaska

The spring and summer months is when you can cruise to Alaska during ; the season runs from May and ends in September. If you’re a fan of glaciers, wildlife, fascinating history and adventurous activities like ziplining and hiking, head north. Ketchikan is dubbed the “Rain Capital of Alaska,” and the forecast can be chilly and wet, but many cruise travelers are pleasantly surprised to encounter warm weather and sunny days on the cruises.

Alaska Cruise Tips


2. Baltic

If you want to see Europe without the record-breaking high temperatures, a Baltic cruise can be the perfect summer sailing. You’ll visit the major cities of Scandinavia and Russia — highlights typically include an overnight or two in St. Petersburg — with a few days in between for relaxing onboard. These cruises aren’t for travelers who just want to relax, however. You’ll be on the go every day, so pack your best walking shoes, and prepare to explore.

Baltic Sea Cruise Tips


3. Bermuda

If golf, beaches, shopping or naval history is your thing, choose a Bermuda cruise when the weather is warm. Most ships will spend one or two nights docked in port, giving you plenty of time to experience the island and enjoy the nightlife. Bermuda is a good choice for travelers who want to mix sightseeing and active pursuits with sunbathing. Just be warned that hurricanes do occasionally cross the island’s path.

Bermuda Cruise Tips


4. Southern Caribbean

The quintessential Caribbean cruise is always a great summer choice, but if you want to reduce your risk of running into a hurricane, head south. The Southern Caribbean islands experience storms less frequently than the Western or Eastern Caribbean islands, and they still provide island favorites like white-sand beaches, fantastic snorkeling and diving, and delicious seafood and other regional specialties. Fewer ships head that way, so the crowds aren’t quite as bad, either. Just note that these tropical islands can be hot in the summertime; it’s not the choice for those looking for a mild-weather getaway.

Southern Caribbean Cruise Tips


5. Arctic

Want some adventure this summer and don’t mind the cold? Grab a parka and your camera, and sign up for a cruise north of the Arctic Circle. You’ll be rewarded with endless sunlight, views of wildlife (polar bears, reindeer and more) and unique landscapes. You’ll only find sailings June through September, and if you want to go as far north as you can, stick with July and August when the ice retreats. Mainstream cruise lines do bring their creature comforts to the icy North, but opt for a more bare-bones expedition vessel if you want to push farther with a crew of naturalists.

Arctic Cruise Tips



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