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Google’s new PhotoScan app makes it easy to digitize old prints

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time digitizing photos using a flatbed scanner knows how tedious and arduous a task it can be. Not only that, but the results can be pretty varied. Fortunately, Google recently released an mobile app called PhotoScan which aims to make preserving the memories in your old printed photos much easier. The app is designed to be very straightforward, making it easy to scan printed photographs using just your mobile phone’s camera.

Simply open the app and hover your phone over the image you wish to digitize. PhotoScan will prompt users to take four separate quick images of a printed photo, stitching them together to create a high-resolution digital copy. Google’s multi-image capture method will automatically crop, remove the light glare and enhance the photos; eliminating many of the issues that normally plague digitizing print photographs. Once the photo is processed, you can manually adjust the corners and rotate as you see fit.

When you are finished digitizing your photos, they are stored within the app but you can easily save all of the scans to your camera roll, Dropbox, Google Drive or your PC or laptop. It’s always good to have a back-up

You can download Google PhotoScan on iOS and Android.


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