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Man Vows to Eat Only Potatoes for a Year, Loses 10kg in a Month

An Australian man has developed his own personal wieght loss program that requires him to eat nothing but potatoes for a whole year.
36-year-old Andrew Flinders from Melbourne has has been on his potato-only diet since the start of January and vows to keep it going for the entire 366 days of the year. He calls his weightloss program ‘Spud Fit’.
Impressively, Andrew has already lost 10kg since he begun. Before he started he claimed he wieghted 151.7kg, a weight he was “not happy about”.

The only thing Andrew eats that isn’t potato is the seasoning and sauce, which will make up the other 1% of his 99% potato diet.
The radical measure to lose weight came about when he started to view his excesive eating as a disorder: “When you’ve got an addiction, let’s say a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction, the best thing you can do is stop taking drugs or stop taking alcohol.
“Unfortunately you can’t do that with food, you gotta eat. So I thought what else can I do? Perhaps I can choose one kind of food and just stick with it. So I decided on the potato. Lots of people in the past have lived on nothing but potatoes.”
It would seem that Andrew has not recently spoken to an Irish person. If he had he might have been filled in on things that can go wrong when people live on nothing but potatoes.


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