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PAL-V’s First Flying Car Will Arrive In 2019

The first production-ready flying car dubbed as “one of the safest flying vehicles on the planet” by its maker PAL-V is set to be available to buy from 2019 onwards.

The PAL-V Liberty was showcased for the first time at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

It takes roughly 5-10 minutes to switch from car mode to flying mode, however, you will need a legitimate pilot’s license in order to fly the PAL-V Liberty and access to a small airstrip or airfield to take off and land.

In appearance, this vehicle looks like a cross between a helicopter and a car. It has three wheels and can carry two passengers for more than 300 miles in flight mode.

The initial pioneer edition of the PAL-V Liberty will be available in limited numbers, a total of 90, and are expected to be €499,000.

Thereafter, the PAL-V Liberty sport edition will cost an expected €299,000.

PAL-V says it hopes to ship the first cars in 2019.


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