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Scientists Discover Combination of Supplements to Slow Alzheimer’s

Scientists in Waterford say they have identified a new combination of macular carotenoids and fish oil that helps slow the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

In a study spanning 18 months, scientists from the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland (NRCI) examined the effects of foods according to their nutritional compounds, specifically a series of supplements known as macular carotenoids found in foods like broccoli, trout, and peppers.

These supplements contain nutrients that are already found in high concentrations in the human brain, which led scientists to believe that they likely play an important part in healthy cognitive function. Macular carotenoids have previously been known to improve vision when taken as a supplement.

During the study, researchers used two combinations of supplements, the first consisting of the macular carotenoids on their own, and the second also containing a specialized kind of fish oil. In a trial, they provided both supplements to 25 patients with various stages of Alzheimer’s and found that the supplement with the fish oil helped maintain cognitive function and overall health.

While the first study had only 25 patients, a second trial is planned with more than 100 participants. Researchers say they hope this larger study will help confirm the supplement’s efficacy.


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