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Strategic Action Plan 2023-2024 for Implementation of National Drugs Strategy

Minister of State for Public Health, Wellbeing and the National Drugs Strategy, Hildegarde Naughton, has published the Strategic Action Plan for the implementation of the National Drugs Strategy, Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery, for 2023 and 2024.

The plan is based on the six strategic priorities identified following the mid-term review of the strategy in 2021. The priorities are designed to strengthen the health-led approach to drugs, reflect commitments in the Programme for Government and align with the EU Drugs Strategy and Action Plan.

The action plan was developed by strategic implementation groups reporting to the National Oversight Committee.

The plan has a total of 34 actions, with between four and eight actions aligned with each strategic priority. Work on implementing many of the actions has already commenced and progress will be reported on a quarterly basis.

To further support the implementation of the National Drugs Strategy, the Department of Health is developing an initiative to map the range of drug and alcohol services across the country.

Minister Naughton said, “this publication marks a significant milestone in the further implementation of the National Drugs Strategy for 2023-2024. By having a few key strategic priorities, supported by specific actions, we can provide greater coherence to the health-led approach in the strategy and facilitate cross-pillar and cross-government coordination.”

“I believe that these concrete actions will make a measurable difference to the lives of people affected by drug use. In tandem with the new Strategic Action Plan and the structures that have been put in place to support them, in 2021, over €144 million was spent on addiction services, with a further €11.7 million allocated in budgets 2022 and 2023 to support the National Drug Strategy. I hope to further build on this investment as part of the upcoming Budget 2024.”

“I am conscious that the Citizens’ Assembly on Drug Use will report to the Oireachtas in 2024, as this Strategic Action Plan comes to an end. The recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly will provide the building blocks for the next national drugs strategy and strategic action plan in 2025. These national oversight structures ensure that civil society has a strong voice in drugs policy and that community and voluntary groups are centrally involved in reducing drug-related harm.”


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