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Talk Of Hose Ban If Demand Remains Unsustainable

Irish Water has stated that it is currently consulting with their legal team about the possibility of introducing a hosepipe ban as the heatwave continues. Enforcement of the ban would come into effect in seven days, with offends facing fines of €125. The impetus for this move came when water supplies dropped again last night, with water demand has reached an unsustainable level of 600 million litres of water a day. Consumers have been urged to take short showers and avoid using their hoses.

The current restrictions, Irish Water has warned, could continue in the long term if the dry period continues into the autumn. The current strain on the water supply has caused issues with or puts at risk over 100 water supplies, with both urban and rural areas affected. Irish water has said that the current demand of the greater Dublin area has exceeded what can be safely provided. Irish water has stated that yesterday the demand for water exceeded the amount that it can supply safely by approximately 5 million litres.

Written By Brian McGloughlin


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