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Telling it like it was: 3 history podcasts to listen to

Last month’s list of recommended true crime podcasts proved exceedingly popular; hardly surprising given that podcasts are very much in vogue at the moment.

Increasing digital media consumption and the vast array of podcasts on offer – with almost every niche interest catered for – has made it a far more attractive and accessible medium.

Here at Garda Post, we listen to our readers, so we have compiled another list of recommended shows. Comprised of our favourite history podcasts, it will be of particular interest for all the history buffs out there (but not exclusively)

There are many fine history podcasts out there and we’ve hand-picked three fascinating shows for your ears.

Hardcore History:

One of the longest running podcasts in the business, Hardcore History has set the standard for history podcasts the world over.

Hosted by Dan Carlin, who single-handedly narrates epochal events of the last several thousand years of human history; World War II, The Roman Empire and the rise of the Khans, to name but a few. Carlin is a marvelous orator, with a natural knack for the rhythm of language and excels in making history fascinating, compelling and gripping. Episodes don’t appear on a regular, set basis but when they finally do, they are worth the wait.

The ‘Ghosts of the Ostfront Series’ in particular – a gripping account of the Eastern Front of World War II starting with the launching of Operation Barbarossa in June 1941 going to the fall of Berlin in May 1945 – is a masterpiece.


Produced by the International Spy Museum in Washington DC, Spycast offers a fascinating insight into the world of espionage.

Hosted by Dr. Vince Houghton, historian and curator at the International Spy Museum, the show features interviews and programs with historians, authors, ex-spies, intelligence experts and espionage scholars. To date, the podcast has covered spying and intelligence operations from The American War of Independence to WWII and the Cold war era and offered insight to the present day operations.

Spycast is a unique and expertly put together podcast offering insight and unwavering knowledge into the intriguing world of spycraft with real stories of real spies.

Irish History Podcast:

Hosted by Finn Dwyer, Irish History Podcast is the best way to indulge your ears in the enthralling world of Irish history.

An expertly researched, informative and easy listen, episodes range from 19th century Murder Mysteries, The Black Death, The High Kings & Vikings to The Norman Invasion. Dwyer’s narration is excellent and he succeeds in providing the listener with a sense of what it was like for those who lived through these events along with context to how (and why) these events tie together. He excels at laying these stories, providing a greater understanding of history.

The episodes on The Black Death, The Phoenix Park Murders and The Great Famines series are particular standouts.





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