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Three Tips On Improving Your Memory

In our day to day lives we are expected to remember a lot of things. Our schedules can become hectic and sometimes it’s easy to let certain things slip.

Here are three tips to improve your memory:

Mental Exercises

Just as physical activity keeps your body in shape, the same applies with brain training exercises. Sudoku or crossword puzzles can be a foolproof way of stimulating your mind and improving memory.

Socialise Regularly

Levels of high stress and anxiety can lead to poor memory. Depression is associated with short term memory loss. By socialising, you can help alleviate depression, stress and anxiety. Keep your friends and family close.

Stay Organised

Leave the clutter behind. Have what you need organised and assign particular spots for daily items such as keys, wallets and purses. Take down tasks, appointments and other events in a specific notebook.



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