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Here Are The 10 Best Lunches For Less Than €5 In Dublin In 2016

We’re firm believers that good food shouldn’t break the bank, especially when you’re praying for payday to just hurry up already.

So, we’ve done up a list (wouldn’t be like us) of the best, tastiest and, most importantly, cheapest lunches you can pick yourself up from in Dublin’s city centre.

Get stuck into some of the best deals our city has to offer.

1. Sandwich, Lolly & Cooks – €4.20-4.50

Good food, quick service and a tasty end result. Lolly & Cooks’ sandwiches are huge, delicious and made right in front of you – what more could you ask for? Oh, and they come in under a fiver. Which is super rare around the city centre.

Their savage rolls are ENORMOUS and come in at a very reasonable €3.70 also, if you’re looking for something different this lunch time.

2. Sandwich, Bison Bar – €5

Bison Bar, located on Wellington Quay, do some pretty decadent pulled pork, beef brisket or sausage sandwiches for the incredible price of a fiver, providing you take them away.

Pick one of these babies up, find a nice spot to plop down, and you’re laughing.

mammas revenge

3. Rice & Bean Burrito, Mama’s Revenge – €4

Simple and tasty – as well as a handy option for the vegetarians of the city – Mama’s Revenge has got you covered.

There’s also the option to add guacamole for 70c and still be less than the €5 mark, if you really can’t go a day without it.

Don’t worry, we won’t judge.


4. Wrap, Blazing Salads – €3-4

Definitely the most reasonably priced health shop in town.

All of the wraps in the fridge are priced at about €3.50, as well as the healthy pastries at the till.

They also do very reasonably priced weekly specials, so you can stay feeling good without declaring bankruptcy.


5. Everything, Luncheonette – €2-4

The NCAD haunt is unbelievably good value for money, which is surprising, considering the food is so good and wholly organic.

They make up new menus every few days, with almost everything priced less than four quid.

They broadcast their menus on their Facebook page when they change them, so mere mortals like you and I can keep up.

6. Paella, Havana – €5

Havana Tapas Bar on South Great George’s Street does a mean paella, and their paella Mondays deal means you can pick up a big bowl of the stuff for just a fiver – providing you check in on Facebook.

Seems like a no brainer.


7. Pizza Deal, Star Pizza – €5

Star Pizza on Talbot Street do an all day special of a 9” pizza with two toppings, chips, dips and coke for €5. Save this for the day before payday when you’re starving and so very poor.

They also do free delivery, for days when the weather is so grim that you can’t be arsed leaving the office.

You’re welcome.


8. Hummus Sandwich, Umi – €4.50

You can get yourself a tasty hummus sandwich in the deliciously authentic Umi of Dame Street with your choice of four salads for just €4.50.

It’s tasty, filling, and cheap as chips.

pizza 2

9. Pizza, Credo – €3-3.75

Big, juicy slices of decadent New York-style pizza for less than a pair of €2 coins.

Credo on Montague Street has it sussed. On offer here are slices of Margherita (€3), Americana (€3.50), Funghi & Ham (€3.75) and Garden Pizza (€3.75).

Their goat’s cheese sandwich is also killer, made with goat’s cheese (duh), onion chilli jam, roasted red peppers, rocket and balsamic reduction, all for an impressive €4.95.

Could dough worse (sorry).

salad box

10. Salad Box, KC Peaches – €4.95

KC Peaches’ small salad boxes are versatile, easy to eat on-the-go, and properly good for you. Their salads differ every few weeks or so, giving you the opportunity to try something new each time.

You also have the ability to stuff it to the absolute brim (elbow grease required), which is pretty much a whole standard plate full. Not bad for less than a fiver.

And, if salad’s not your thing, take away their ham and cheesy sandwich for a tasty €4.50

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